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Ashfaq, M., D. Rastogi, R. Mei, S.-C. Kao, S. Gangrade, B. S. Naz, and D. Touma. 2016. "High-resolution Ensemble Projections of Near-term Regional Climate over the Continental United States." J. Geophys. Res. 121. 9943–9963.

Mani, A., F. T.-C. Tsai, S.-C. Kao, B. S. Naz, M. Ashfaq, and D. Rastogi. 2016. "Conjunctive Management Of Surface And Groundwater Resources Under Projected Future Climate Change Scenarios." Journal of Hydrology 560. Journal of Hydrology: 397–411.

McManamay, R. A, C. O Oigbokie, S.-C Kao, and M. S Bevelhimer. 2016. "Classification Of Us Hydropower Dams By Their Modes Of Operation." River Research And Applications River Research And Applications.

Naz, B., S.-C Kao, M. Ashfaq, D. Rastogi, R. Mei, and L.C. Bowling. 2016. "Regional Hydrologic Response To Climate Change In The Conterminous United States Using High-Resolution Hydroclimate Simulations." Global And Planetary Change 143. Global And Planet

Pasha, M. FK, M. Yang, D. Yeasmin, S. Saetern, and B. T Smith. 2016. "Identifying High-Power-Density Stream-Reaches Through Refined Geospatial Resolution in Hydropower Resource Assessment." Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 142 (4)

McManamay, R. A, M. J Troia, C. R DeRolph, and Brenna Elrod. 2016. Stream Classification Tool User Manual: For Use in Applications in Hydropower-Related Environmental Mitigation.

Kao, S.-C., M. Ashfaq, B. S. Naz, R. Uría-Martínez, D. Rastogi, R. Mei, Y. Jager, Brenna Elrod, and M. J Sale. 2016. The Second Assessment of the Effects of Climate Change on Federal Hydropower. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN ORNL/SR-2015/

DeRolph, C. R, M. P Schramm, and M. S Bevelhimer. 2016. "Predicting Environmental Mitigation Requirements For Hydropower Projects Through The Integration Of Biophysical And Socio-Political Geographies." Science Of The Total Environment 566-567. Science Of

Touma, D. , M. Ashfaq, M. Nayak, S.-C Kao, and N. Diffenbaugh. 2015. "A Multi-Model And Multi-Index Evaluation Of Drought Characteristics In The 21St Century." Journal Of Hydrology 526 (Drought processes, modeling, and mitigation). Journal Of Hydrology: 1

McManamay, R. A, C. R DeRolph, M. J Troia, M. P Schramm, M. S Bevelhimer, K. B Larson, J. D Tagestad, G. E Johnson, and H. I Jager. 2015. Identifying Environmental Opportunities Outside the Hydropower Project Boundary: An Updated Methodology of the Basin