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Integrated energy, water, and ecosystem digital platform for efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly energy

HydroSource is the most comprehensive and unique National Water-Energy digital platform that accomplishes data stewardship and dissemination for U.S. hydropower stakeholders. The HydroSource digital platform consists of hydropower related datasets, data model, visualizations and analytics tools that supports and enables hydropower research and development on topics of national interest such as U.S. hydropower market acceleration, deployment, resources assessment and characterization, environmental impact reduction, technology-to-market activities, and climate change impact assessment. HydroSource is used by hydropower operators and developers, government (federal agencies, resource agencies, and decision-makers at federal, state and local jurisdictions), nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), academia, policy leaders, and the public to inform policy decisions.  Hydrosource increases transparency in hydropower projects and information, supports science-based analysis, enables robust research, fosters new project development, provides novel tools for data-driven environmental assessment, and informs strategic environmental permitting and mitigation.

The HydroSource platform is an ongoing effort by the DOE-EERE Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) towards improving the quality, functionality, dissemination and sharing of detailed and scientific hydropower data. It provides up-to-date information and reliable technical and analytical support for efficient, sustainable US hydropower generation and water management.

Data Use

Data hosted on HydroSource is openly shared, without restriction, in accordance with Department of Energy’s Public Access Plan.

Citation Policy

Bibliographic citations should be included in the References section of publications and other media to acknowledge those who have created the data, services, and tools provided by HydroSource. Proper citations include the authors, title, publisher, and Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and will allow the products to be discovered and re-used by others. The proper citation for each HydroSource product is provided on its landing page.