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Recent Publications

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McManamay, R. A, C. O Oigbokie, S.-C Kao, and M. S Bevelhimer. 2016. "Classification Of Us Hydropower Dams By Their Modes Of Operation." River Research And Applications River Research And Applications.

Naz, B., S.-C Kao, M. Ashfaq, D. Rastogi, R. Mei, and L.C. Bowling. 2016. "Regional Hydrologic Response To Climate Change In The Conterminous United States Using High-Resolution Hydroclimate Simulations." Global And Planetary Change 143. Global And Planet

Pasha, M. FK, M. Yang, D. Yeasmin, S. Saetern, and B. T Smith. 2016. "Identifying High-Power-Density Stream-Reaches Through Refined Geospatial Resolution in Hydropower Resource Assessment." Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 142 (4)

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DeRolph, C. R, M. P Schramm, and M. S Bevelhimer. 2016. "Predicting Environmental Mitigation Requirements For Hydropower Projects Through The Integration Of Biophysical And Socio-Political Geographies." Science Of The Total Environment 566-567. Science Of

Pasha, M. FK, D. Yeasmin, S. Saetern, and B. T Smith. 2016. "Uncertainty Analysis in Geospatial Merit Matrix-Based Hydropower Resource Assessment." Journal of Water Resources Planning And Management Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management

Pagán, B., M. Ashfaq, D. Rastogi, D. Kendall, S.-C. Kao, N. S Naz, R. Mei, and J. S. Pal. 2016. "Extreme Hydrological Changes in the Southwestern U.S. Drive Reductions in Water Supply to Southern California by Mid Century." Environ. Res. Lett. 11 (9). 094

Schramm, M. P, M. S Bevelhimer, and C. R DeRolph. 2016. "A Synthesis of Environmental and Recreational Mitigation Requirements at Hydropower Projects in the United States." Environmental Science and Policy 61

Ashfaq, M., D. Rastogi, R. Mei, S.-C. Kao, S. Gangrade, B. S. Naz, and D. Touma. 2016. "High-resolution Ensemble Projections of Near-term Regional Climate over the Continental United States." J. Geophys. Res. 121. 9943–9963.