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Non-Powered Dam (NPD) Explorer and NPDamCAT Applications

The NPD Explorer App and the NPD Custom Analysis and Taxonomy (NPDamCAT) App use the same base dataset (U.S. Non-Powered Dam Characteristics Inventory dataset) which describes NPDs across the United States. These applications pull from a variety of publicly available datasets, as well as values extracted using GIS processing and modeling outputs.

The NPD Explorer App provides an open-ended sandbox environment that allows users to sift through data layers, build up maps, graphics, and tables, and then deconstruct those visualizations and explore information in diverse ways. Through an interactive map interface, data are primarily displayed geographically and users can filter to locations based on desired characteristics. The focus of the NPD Explorer is non-powered dams, however, the app also includes select environmental, hydrological, and infrastructure data that can be viewed alongside the non-powered dams (and their design, operational, socioeconomic, and environmental characteristics).

The NPDamCAT App walks users through the process of filtering and organizing dams into a taxonomy, effectively classifying or sorting dams into groups based on individual preferences and available data. This app can help determine how many dams meet certain criteria or where data are unavailable for a certain group and enables comparisons of the size and make-up of groups of dams. 

The user guide for the two applications can be accessed at