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U.S. Hydropower Relicensing Pipeline Database, 2022

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Dataset Overview

Relicensing is an important milestone in the lifecycle of U.S. FERC-licensed hydropower and pumped storage hydropower (PSH) plants. The terms and conditions of a new license may involve substantial capital investment and changes in mode of operation. Additionally, some licensees decide not to pursue relicensing and instead apply for a license surrender.  The U.S. Hydropower Relicensing Pipeline dataset is a geospatial dataset that contains information to help track trends in U.S. hydropower relicensing and license surrender activities. The dataset contains information about the relicensing (or surrender) timeline and other attributes (e.g., process type, settlement agreement) for all FERC-licensed projects with:

  • a relicense issued between 2007 and 2021
  • a pending relicense application as of December 31, 2021
  • a license surrender issued between 2007 and 2021
  • a pending license surrender as of December 31, 2021