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Updates to 2017 Hydropower Market Report, 2018

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Dataset Overview

This dataset provide updates to some of the key metrics included in the 2017 Hydropower Market Report. The data represents the quantitative baseline on the distribution, capabilities, and status of hydropower and pumped storage hydropower in the United States revealed in the Hydropower Market Report (2018 updates). EIA form 920/921/923 ( is the primary sources of derived data. The Hydropower Market Report aims to fill the existing gap regarding publicly available, comprehensive information on the U.S. hydropower fleet and the industry that supports it and develops new projects.
The updated content shown here covers the following topics:

• Installed capacity and generation trends

• Regional generation and drought trends

• Investment on rehabilitation and upgrades to the existing hydropower fleet

• December 31, 2018 snapshots of the hydropower and pumped storage hydropower project development pipeline

• Hydraulic turbine import and export trends

• Any changes to relevant policies and/or markets
The last year of data will be 2017 or 2018 depending on the calendar of data releases followed by the agencies and commercial providers used as sources.