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CMIP6-based Multi-model Streamflow Projections over the Conterminous US

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Dataset Overview

[May 7, 2024] Note: this dataset has been expanded. Please see for further info.

This dataset presents an ensemble of streamflow projections based on the hydroclimate projections dataset supporting the SECURE Water Act Section 9505 Assessment for the US Department of Energy (DOE) Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO). The six-member General Climate Model (GCM) ensemble from the Coupled Models Intercomparison Project phase 6 (CMIP6) downscaled using statistical (i.e., DBCCA) and dynamical (i.e., RegCM) and bias-corrected using two meteorological reference observations (Daymet & Livneh) are driven through two calibrated hydrologic models (VIC & PRMS) to simulate projected future hydrologic responses. This leads to the production of an ensemble of hydroclimate projections, including total runoff (surface runoff and baseflow) for 1980–2019 baseline and 2020–2059 near-term future periods under multiple emission scenarios at 1/24° (~4 km) spatial resolution across the CONUS. The total runoff projections are routed through the Routing Application for Parallel computatIon of Discharge (RAPID) routing model to produce an ensemble of streamflow projections for both periods across 2.7 million NHDPlusV2 stream reaches in the CONUS. In this dataset, a summary of streamflow projections are provided at daily, monthly, and annual timescales for Points of Interest (POI) that include US Geological Survey (USGS) stream gauges, Non-Powered Dams, Hydropower Infrastructure - LAkes, Reservoirs, and RIvers (HILARRI), Existing Hydropower Assets (EHA) Plant Database, 2023, Hydropower Energy Storage Capacity Dataset, and other locations requested by the users. The 9505V3Flow_POIs (xlsx) provides a list of COMIDs associated with NHDPlusV2 network corresponding to these POIs. Further, monthly scale streamflow projections are available for all 2.7 million stream reaches in the CONUS. For more details on streamflow simulation procedure, refer to Ghimire et al. (2022a) and Ghimire et al. (2022b). The file 9505V3Flow_Download_Links (xlsx) provides all the links for  downloading the data in the .nc format. Users can also download the data individually through 9505V3Flow_POI_Download_Links (csv) and 9505V3Flow_CONUS_Download_Links (csv). The data dictionary is provided through the 9505V3Flow_Data_Descriptions (csv) file.


Ganesh R. Ghimire, Carly H. Hansen, Sudershan Gangrade, Shih-Chieh Kao, Peter E. Thornton, and Debjani Singh. 2022a. Dayflow: CONUS Daily Streamflow Reanalysis, Version 1. HydroSource, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.
Ghimire GR, Hansen C, Gangrade S, Kao SC, Thornton PE, Singh D. 2022b. Insights from Dayflow: A Historical Streamflow Reanalysis Dataset for the Conterminous United States. Water Resources Research.