Stream Network for Standard Modular Hydropower (SMH) Explorer

Stream network attributes for SMH Explorer 

SMH Explorer is a geovisual analytics platform that empowers user-guided energy-water-environment module data analysis and inquiries in support of the Standard Modular Hydropower (SMH) Technology Acceleration research project. A stream network dataset was developed specifically to meet the needs of SMH Explorer users and was also used as the input to the SMH site classification clustering analysis. This stream network includes many environmental, energy, and social geographic attributes compiled from numerous other data sources and thought to be relevant to SMH stakeholders.

Stream network clustering attributes for SMH Explorer 

Site classification is a key standardizing concept and component of SMH research, addressing the perception that hydropower development is predominantly site-specific. Site classification consists of analyses and tools that identify similarities in stream-reach, landscape, and biological characteristics across river systems. These similarities are classified into a finite number of clusters such that differences among characteristics within a cluster are limited. In theory, stream reaches within a given cluster share enough common characteristics that, should development be pursued on any given stream reach, design requirements would not vary significantly across sites.