The table below summarizes key public data sources that are part of HydroSource's baseline effort. These datasets are important inputs for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's HydroSource project and applications of HydroSource data.

Source Description
EIA Form 860 Dataset Annual EIA official report for hydropower utilities, plants, and generators.
EIA Form 906/920/923 Dataset Annual EIA official report for monthly hydropower generation.
National Inventory of Dams (NID) Characteristics of 87,000 dams in the US.
National Fish Habitat Alteration Risk (National Fish Habitat Action Plan) Geospatial layer of cumulative disturbance from landscape modifications, land-use, and hydrologic alterations.
FERC Issued Licenses, Exemptions, and Conduit Determination The license/exemption orders and amendments issued by FERC as well as the projects that are exempt from FERC regulation (i.e., conduit determination) for Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act of 2013.
Reclamation Lease-of-Power-privilege (LOPP) Projects The lease-of-power-privilege (LOPP) projects issued by the Bureau of Reclamation.
U.S. Population Estimates (U.S. Census Bureau) Population distribution and house density for the US.
Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD) Geospatial data layers of official US watershed boundaries.
National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) High-resolution (1:24,000) stream network geospatial feature data, waterbody, and area layers. Consistently updated by the USGS.
National Hydrography Dataset Plus (NHDPlus) Medium-resolution (1:100,000) stream network geospatial feature data containing estimated discharge. Provided by the USWEPA-USGS.
National Elevation Dataset (NED) National grid-based digital elevation with 10-meter spatial resolution.
National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD) National grid-based land use category with 30-meter spatial resolution.
FEMA Flood Zones Geospatial layer of FEMA 100-year flood lines.
USGS NWIS Gage Observation Daily stream flow observation over 22,000 USGS gage stations
USGS WaterWatch Runoff Dataset Monthly sub-basin (HUC8) runoff derived from NWIS gage observation by USGS.
PRISM Observed Temperature and Precipitation Dataset Monthly time series of national grid-based temperature and precipitation under 4km spatial resolution.
Water Use estimates for the US (USGS). Tabular data of estimated water use per county in various categories for the US.
Distribution Maps of the Freshwater Fishes of the Conterminous US, Version 3.0 (Nature Serve) Geospatial database current and historical distribution of freshwater fishes by small watershed (8-digit cataloging unit of the USGS).
Critical Habitats for Endangered and Threatened Species of the US (USFWS) Geospatial polygons and polyline coverage of selected listed species that have designated critical habitats.
Conservation Lands and National Geopolitical Boundaries Geospatial layers of National Parks, Federal Lands, and Wilderness Preservation System Areas.
Wild and Scenic Rivers (Wild and Scenic Rivers Council) Geospatial coverage of Wild and Scenic designated rivers of the US.
Conservation Lands (USGS GAP analysis program) Geospatial coverage of areas characterized as conservation lands owned by states, federal government, NGOs, Regional agencies, local governments, and private sectors (includes National Parks, Wild and Scenic Rivers, State parks, etc).