• National Hydropower Plant Dataset, 2018:  Geospatially comprehensive point-level dataset containing locations and key characteristics of U.S. hydropower plants that are currently either in the hydropower development pipeline (pre-operational), operational, withdrawn, or retired. 
  • Summarized U.S. Energy Datasets: Hydropower energy-related information extracted from HydroSource's Existing Hydropower Assets Assessment and summarized to state, Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD) regional (2-digit HUCs), and WBD subregional (4-digit HUCs) geospatial boundaries.
  • Non-Federal Hydropower Plants on USACE Facilities: A tabular list of existing non-Federal hydropower plants on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers facilities that have been extracted from ORNL's HydroSource Existing Hydropower Assets geospatial data layers. Data include Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licensed or exempt hydropower projects that are currently active or have been approved for development; Attribute fields include a hydropower plant name, permit type, FERC Docket number, and state abbreviation. (see sidebar to download data)
  • List of U.S. Hydropower Dams: Provisional data on main hydropower dams in the United States. (see sidebar to download data)