The Hydropower Market Report (HMR) aims to fill the existing gap regarding publicly available, accurate, comprehensive information on U.S. hydropower fleet attributes, performance, development activity (new projects and upgrades/refurbishments of the existing plants), and supply chain. The content of the HMR is presented with a general audience in mind but is detailed enough to be of value for a variety of industry stakeholders, including developers, utility managers, technology providers, and policymakers.
Success for this project would consist of (1) becoming a reference publication on U.S. hydropower development, performance, and supply chain trends for industry and other stakeholders (federal partners and Congress) and (2) informing DOE Water Power Technologies Office R&D planning and investment activities.

The DOE Water Power Technologies Office and the U.S. hydropower industry would benefit from a steady effort in characterizing hydropower development and performance trends. The information on trends, extracted from a variety of datasets, reveals challenges and opportunities to encourage the development of new hydropower and to enhance the value of the existing fleet. The metrics provided by the report would help DOE and industry evaluate progress towards strategic goals of growth, performance, and reliability of the U.S. hydropower fleet. The HMR is also an outreach tool to improve general understanding of what is different about hydropower vs. other electricity-generation technologies and to highlight value components that are often overlooked (e.g., hydropower facilities provide additional services to the electrical grid beyond power generation, and hydropower facilities are connected to reservoirs that serve multiple purposes and that generate multiple streams of economic benefit).