The estimation for hydropower potential from new stream development (NSD) for the State of Hawaii was completed by reviewing historical reconnaissance and feasibility reports on numerous Hawaii hydropower sites. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) was responsible, with help and collaboration from the State of Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism’s Energy Office and the Honolulu District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), to organize, consolidate, and screen a master database provided by USACE’s Honolulu District office. The master database included 166 sites with hydropower characteristics. References from 56 reports of hydropower projects dated 1978 to 2010 were checked and evaluated for each project listed in the master database. With approval from the Hawaii State Energy Office and collaboration and help from USACE, ORNL created a list representing the state’s feasible hydropower potential. The final result of the analysis and evaluation of previous hydropower references was based on several levels of screening criteria. See the information below for the reported final hydropower potential from new stream-reach development for the state of Hawaii:

Summary of Findings – Region 20 Hawaii

Island Potential Capacity (MW) Potential Annual Generation (MWh) Capacity Factor
Hawaii 49 178,144 42%
Kauai 81 463,518 65%
Maui 11 41,720 45%
Molokai 3 10,163 39%
Oahu 1 5,460 68%
Total 145 699,005 55%