HydroGIS Viewer Terms and Conditions

By entering HydroGIS Viewer, the users agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. These provisions govern the use and distribution of the HydroGIS information maintained by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) provided to a Recipient who requests internet access to the HydroGIS.

2. Definitions - For purposes of these provisions:

a. The terms "Non-Disclosure Agreement" and "NDA" mean this agreement by which requesters certify their understanding that access to the ORNL HydroGIS is provided pursuant to the terms and restrictions of these provisions, and those such requesters have read the provisions and agree to be bound by them.
b. The term "Recipient" means someone who receives HydroGIS data in accordance with the provisions of this Non-Disclosure Agreement.

3. A Recipient shall not be permitted to gain access or view the ORNL HydroGIS unless the Recipient agrees to the terms within the HydroGIS Viewer Non-Disclosure Agreement.

4. Any information provided under this agreement is on loan to the Recipient, and must be returned to Department of Energy (DOE) upon request. This information is not the property of the Recipient and is not subject to any Freedom of Information/Public Records acts or similar statutes. The Recipient agrees to notify the ORNL HydroGIS Manager immediately upon receipt of a request for the information provided under this agreement.

5. A Recipient may only discuss the ORNL HydroGIS fields with other government agencies that have agreed to this ORNL HydroGIS Non-Disclosure Agreement. The Recipient may check with the ORNL HydroGIS Manager to determine whether another individual or government agency has previously agreed to this NDA.

6. All ORNL HydroGIS information shall be maintained by Recipient in a secure place. The Recipient may only share public ORNL HydroGIS information on a site by site basis. The Recipient shall coordinate with the ORNL HydroGIS Manager before placing any ORNL HydroGIS information on the internet for public and/or government access. If Recipient receives request for ORNL HydroGIS information from outside Recipient's government agency, please direct the request to the ORNL HydroGIS Manager.

7. Recipients must destroy/remove or delete ORNL HydroGIS data within fifteen days of an email request by the ORNL HydroGIS Manager to do so. Within such time period, each Recipient, if requested to do so, shall also submit to the ORNL HydroGIS Manager a statement saying that, to the best of its knowledge, all ORNL HydroGIS data has been destroyed or removed from the Recipient's computers.

8. The Recipient remains bound by these provisions unless the DOE or ORNL HydroGIS Manager rescinds the provisions.

9. The DOE may audit the Recipient's compliance with this non-disclosure agreement.

10. Violation of this non-disclosure agreement may result in criminal or civil sanctions against the Recipient.

11. I hereby certify my understanding that access to ORNL HydroGIS is provided to me pursuant to the terms and restrictions of the above ORNL HydroGIS provisions, that I have been given a copy of and have read the ORNL HydroGIS provisions, and that I agree to be bound by them. I may only share public ORNL HydroGIS information on a site by site basis. I acknowledge that a violation of this agreement may result in negative consequences, including criminal or civil sanctions.

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